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What is clipping path or Photoshop clipping path?

A Photoshop clipping path or simply a clipping path is a closed vector path, which is used in removal of existing background of 2D image (two-dimensional image). All, “Editing Software” or “Applications” use pen tool to retain the chosen ‘object’ in the file. Inside the clipping path, everything includes the object, after clipping the edge of a picture. On the flip side, everything outside the clipping path will exclude from the image. Consequently, the process of clipping path results in separating background from the picture and then any color can be used as background of the image. So, Photoshop clipping path is basically used for background removal or make the white background by drawing clipping path and excluding actual image background.

What is Multi clipping path?

As we see clipping path is drawn to detach picture objects or background removal. So, the question is why do we need multi clipping path? Let suppose, you have a chair, and it consists of many parts. For instance wheels, cushion, handles, etc. In single photographed image with the same visible structure, but with different colors. So, to avoid photography cost or save time, you may wish to advertise the chair on site, but with various colors.

In such circumstances, we need a service of multi clipping path. For this, select all the paths one by one and apply colors on each part of the chair. Consequently, we can save our time and money by applying service of multi clipping paths, without taking photographs of all chairs. Nevertheless, multi clipping path not only use for product like chair but also many other products where separation of colors is needed, for every single part of the product.

Who needs services of Photoshop clipping path or multi clipping path?

It totally depends on the market place, nevertheless most of the e-commerce platforms, professional photographers, newspaper companies, promoting and commercializing businesses, graphical or visuals studios, website designer and printing firms are the intended users. They use photographs of their products for advertisement and selling of their products, to customers.

In this way, clipping path services help to make image white background or some other colors, that will make the products distinctly visible in details. Services of clipping path are provided by companies for taking out particular objects from immobile pictures, and it also includes some other services like photo editing and manipulation.

Photo Path Team

Do you want to free trial of our clipping path service before placing your orders?

You can avail our services of clipping path for free as a try-out. Moreover, we only provide a free try-out which takes less than one hour for applying clipping path. We promise hand drawn clipping paths, which will be perfect and delivered on time. Our price for the service of clipping path is comparably lower than any other market competitor as it begins at 0.33 USD per image. Now, check our prices for other image editing services.

What Advantages you get for outsourcing clipping path services from us?

  • Fast delivery with availability for 24/7 hours.
  • Exceptionally skilful photo path team`s operators will retain clipping path quality.
  • Available Payment gateways are PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.
  • Sharing of file type; FTP, Dropbox, Onedrive, Wetransfer, Google drive.
  • Special discount will be offered for more than 2000 pictures.